Adira Insurance Is The Greatest Indonesian Insurance To Protect Vehicle

11/12/2011 10:40

Adira Insurance held a seo contest with keyword "Adira Asuransi Kendaraan Terbaik Indonesia" intends to encourage their insurance company's with a exceptional approach through seo contest. By pleasing the indonesian bloggers in this seo contest, Adira insurance will increase a super lead. This is one of unique advertising and marketing technique that is very rarely made by Indonesian companies to advertise their companies on the world wide web.

Adira insurance was one of the top car insurance services in Indonesia, plenty of citizens in indonesia who entrust the affairs of automobile insurance to Adira Insurance. As verification that Adira is trustworthy, Adira insurance has maintained to obtain a wide range of awards that may have been countless, and it proves that Adira insurance is indeed a quality insurance corporation in Indonesia.

A circumstance of Indonesia's economy is relatively secure at this time to give support to the growth of car industry in Indonesia. This can be observed with revenue of automobiles continued to improve all through the year 2011 as opposed with the earlier year. Based on statistics from Gaikindo noted that car profits figures up to August 2011 grew to 14.4% or about 580 thousand units, as opposed to the same period a year earlier. Automobile business to raise is a thing that makes business growth, especially the insurance industry which has a core business in automobile insurance as Adira insurance.

It is inevitable indeed, more or less 70% of accidents that occurred in Indonesia entails vehicles such as bikes. Specially when the holiday. Not just that, the crime rate in Indonesia is increasing over the time also be a threat to motorcycle safety. Although you do not need to be anxious because Adira also offer safeguard to the biker and his beloved bike. With 'Motopro' product, Adira gives you insurance against the possibility of loss, smash up and defense against of self-rider.

Adira insurance go campaigning on street safety agenda, no other goal is to improve safety for vehicle users. This is a motivation campaign to every rider to love himself and those around which the loved one, by way of compliance with traffic signs and safe driving behavior so as to create a comfortable situation for the road.

The Final, in arrange to safe your car when running in the road then I suggest to use the wheel with the top quality. And one of Indonesian company that creates the best quality wheels are GT Radial, with an interesting slogan "Ban Terbaik Di Indonesia GT Radial". By using the best quality wheels you can reduce your risk of accidents.

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